Mission and Research

SEAMARCO conducts applied research with marine animals to enable science-based management of marine ecosystems. The emphasis is on underwater acoustics and energetics in relation to:

  • Accidental bycatch in fishing nets.
  • Behavioral and auditory effects of offshore anthropogenic sounds (caused by, for instance, pile driving for wind parks, seismic surveys, sonar systems, dredging, detonation of explosives).
  • Underwater sound criteria set by governments to protect marine life.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

SEAMARCO conducts mainly hearing studies and behavioral response studies with marine mammals, fish and invertebrates.

A harbor seal at SEAMARCO


SEAMARCO has expertise on:

  • Marine mammals, fish and invertebrates.
  • Acoustics, sensory systems, ecology, energetics, and behavior.
  • Development of research programs.
  • Marine animal husbandry, housing and care.
  • Rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals.
  • Animal welfare.
A harbor seal at SEAMARCO


SEAMARCO is owned and directed by Ron. A. Kastelein PhD. The SEAMARCO team consists of enthusiastic people who are passionate about marine life, biological and environmental research, data collection, animal husbandry and solving technical and practical problems. Students and volunteers are full and valued members of the team.


SEAMARCO cooperates with national and international institutes, companies, and universities.

A harbor porpoise at SEAMARCO


  • SEAMARCO's Research Institute is located in Zeeland, the Netherlands.
  • SEAMARCO's office is located in Harderwijk, the Netherlands.


Research conducted by SEAMARCO has been funded by:

  • Governments
  • Research companies
  • Foundations
  • Universities
  • Societies
  • Offshore companies
  • Fishing industry


SEAMARCO consults for governments, companies, institutes and foundations, by providing:

  • Reviews of scientific reports produced by institutes and companies.
  • Reviews of research proposals and research programs.
  • Reviews of articles for scientific journals.

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